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Personalized AI

Supercharge your operations and project flow with Varolio's AI-driven solutions tailored for Product, Project, and Business Operations Managers.

About Varolio

Varolio is an enterprise-grade platform for employees to improve productivity,

by integrating personalized AI and AI-powered automations into your day-to-day work.

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Explore Our Powerful AI Applications

discover how Varolio specializes in enhancing project management and business operations.
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Chat with Your Data

Chat with anything from your data to your third party apps

Train on Google Workspace logo: Google CalendarTrain on Google Workspace logo: Google DriveTrain on Google Workspace logo: Gmail

Train on Google Workspace

Train your assistant with each new event, document, or email you get

Answer Emails logo: Gmail

Answer Emails

Reduce emailing time by 70% as your assistant creates draft replies based on your style and project context.

Know your Product logo: GitHubKnow your Product logo: JiraKnow your Product logo: Monday

Know your Product

Get personalized summaries of the latest product updates and changes

Slack Bot logo: Slack

Slack Bot

Have your assistant reply to questions in Slack

Personalized Notifications logo: GitHubPersonalized Notifications logo: Slack

Personalized Notifications

Get notified when a certain criteria is met (e.g. a hotfix is released)

Train Your Personal AI Assistants

Train Your Personal AI Assistants

Teach anything to your personal AI assistants. With Varolio, your organization's unique knowledge becomes their expertise. Connect to your databases, documents, and third-party apps to empower your employees with tailored insights and competencies.

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Utilize Gen-AI for your Product Work

Utilize Gen-AI for your Product Work

Interact with AI assistants that provide precise answers from your data, combined with the power and knowledge of GPT-4. Access transparent insights, supported by rigorous privacy and security measures.

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Empower Operations with AI Automation

Empower Operations with AI Automation

Transform tedious tasks into seamless automations. Utilize Varolio to design on-demand or scheduled automations, streamlining your operations and enhancing productivity with our Automation Building Tool.

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Secure and Customizable Enterprise Solution

Secure and Customizable Enterprise Solution

Whether deploying Varolio's agent on your infrastructure for enhanced data security and accessibility, using alternative LLM, or managing complex access-control requirements, Varolio can facilitate any business need.

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Harness AI

Boost productivity with intelligent assistants

Integrate Third Party Tools

Supercharge your familiar tools and legacy systems

Reduce Costs

Reduce manual tasks, save time and resources

Adopt Gradually

Integrate Varolio into your company at your pace. Start with a single employee, and easily scale up

Manage Permissions and Data

Preserve privacy and security with top-notch controls

Third Party Integrations

We're dedicated to providing comprehensive integration options, continuously expanding our offerings to meet your data source requirements. If you need a specific integration, we'll make sure it's set up for you.

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Google Calendar

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Google Sheets

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Google Drive

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Putting it all together

Begin creating AI-powered automations and tailored tools with minimal effort, designed to meet your team's specific needs.

Step 1 - Connect

Connect your databases, APIs, documents and 3rd-party software. Choose the data you want Varolio to access

Step 2 - Train & Automate

Use AI and our intuitive automation tool to effortlessly unify your data and personalize your processes - all with little to no coding

Step 3 - Manage & Chat

Task your AI assistants and fine-tune their skills and knowledge over time. Collaborate with your team to make the most out of your AI-enabled workplace

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